UBX-40 Daughterboard 10-6000 MHz Rx/Tx (40 MHz, for N Series and X Series)

UBX-40 Product Detail

UBX 10-6000 MHz Rx/Tx (40 MHz, N Series and X Series)


UBX Datasheet
  • 10 MHz to 6 GHz
  • 40 MHz Bandwidth
  • RF Shielding
  • Phase alignment capable
Kit Contents
  • UBX 40 Daughterboard
  • Screws

UBX 10-6000 MHz Rx/Tx (40 MHz, N Series and X Series)

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UBX 40 USRP Daughterboard (10 MHz - 6 GHz, 40 MHz BW)


  • Wide Frequency Range: 10 MHz - 6 GHz
  • Bandwidth and Compatibility: 40 MHz Bandwidth (N200/N210/X300/X310)
  • RF shielding
  • Full duplex operation with independent TX and RX frequencies
  • Synthesizer synchronization for applications requiring phase coherence or alignment


The UBX 40 daughterboard is a full-duplex, wideband transceiver tunable to frequencies from 10 MHz to 6 GHz with an instantaneous bandwidth of 40 MHz. It delivers the highest performance RF of all direct conversion USRP daughterboards across all frequency bands with the added capability of achieving coherent and phase-aligned operation across multiple channels for MIMO and direction finding applications. The wide tuning range makes the UBX ideal for applications across all of the most common frequency bands spanning HF, VHF, cellular, radar, and WIFI with the instantaneous bandwidth necessary for monitoring entire bands of interest and prototyping next generation wireless communication systems.  

The UBX daughterboard works interchangeably with existing USRP daughterboards and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing applications with the latest version of the open source USRP Hardware Driver (UHD) software.

Block Diagram


RF Information



Recommended for Use With:

  • USRP N210
  • USRP X300
  • USRP X310

NOTE: A larger 24W (6V, 4A) power supply is required when using a UBX daughterboard and integrated GPS Disciplined Oscillator accessory together in a USRP2, USRP N200, or USRP N210 device.

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